Saturday, 23 September 2017

End of an era

Today we sold our vinyl at last...

Farewell, both copies of Queen's Greatest Hits

Took all the annuals to Oxfam...

No one has heard of "Project Sword"

And boxed up the *ahem* "toys" so the removal guys wouldn't find them...

It required a larger box than I expected 3:)

We're getting there.

Friday, 22 September 2017

I feel like a Nu man...

I got tickets for the Gary Numan tour! And I wasn't even a big fan back in the 80s, lol

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wood acid

Until we bought our wood I had no idea that rural life is one long low-level battle against the forces of crime and anarchy. Country people are dodgy as f*ck, frankly. There's the fly-tipping, of course - I was expecting that:

But not just by individuals, oh no. The bloody public services are just as happy to leave their old crap in my wood:

In fact some bugger decided to trench through my land and lay a utility pipe without asking permission:

I'm constantly worried that I have badger diggers - though it's possible this poor chap died of natural causes;  certainly the sett still seems to be active.

And this week I found a seriously suspicious-looking CONTAINER OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID left inside my gate.

I reported it to the police, because acid-attacks are a Thing now in the UK. They called in the fire brigade to dispose of it, but it's too hazardous so the fire brigade aren't allowed to (and nor am I) so they've called the local council.

Guess who gets to foot the bill?

Monday, 18 September 2017

Blue Monday: Harley Easton guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Harley Easton with an excerpt from her story Love Thy Neighbor, in the new anthology Getting It: a femdom anthology

Getting It – A Femdom Anthology is comprised of thirteen sexy stories ranging from the sweet, new Domme finding her footing to the young man discovering that pain doesn’t have to be self-inflicted.

Whether French cuisine tickles your tongue, pain twists into pleasure, or rape fantasies occupy your dreams, this delicious collection is for you. Mild dominance and hardcore BDSM entwine in Getting It, pushing characters and readers to embrace their innermost sensational desires in healthy, consensual ways.

Authors: Jordan Monroe, T.C. Mill, Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk, Ralph Greco, Jr., Kiki DeLovely, Harley Easton, VK Foxe, Megan Jennifer, Arden de Winter, Jean Roberta, Betina Cipher, and Sienna Saint-Cyr.

Maggie pulled the purse strap off her shoulders then reached down to unzip the bag. Deftly, she dropped the keys in and retrieved a foil packet which she held between her fingers to display. “Take me up to the choir loft. I expect you to make me sing.” The statement was punctuated by the thud of her purse landing on the seat of the front pew.

The thought of taking her up to the rafters and to hearing her cries of ecstasy echo through the building completely undid him. Micha stood rooted to the spot, blinking at her like an idiot. Maggie nodded as if used to this type of reaction.

“Then again, maybe you don’t really want to fuck me? Like I said, I don’t make assumptions.” She turned as if to put the condom packet back in your purse.

“No!” he yelled, as he regained his senses. The sound reverberated through the otherwise silent church, which seemed to be waiting to see what he would do. Maggie casually spun to face him, eying him teasingly as she flicked the packet back and forth. “I want to fuck you,” he panted. “Dear God, I want to please you in every way possible, but I’m not going to make it up to that loft.” He nodded toward his pants where his swollen penis was ready to burst from the confines of his zipper. Even the thought of walking up the winding back stairs to the loft was torture.

“Hmmm, well then. Perhaps on second thought,” she purred, took his hand, opened it, and placed the condom packet inside. As his fingers closed around the foil, she wrapped her tiny hand around his wrist. He didn't fight as she pulled him toward the pulpit.

Halfway there he moved in to kiss her deeply as they fumbled up the few steps to the raised lectern. The sunlight shifted again, it’s beams spotlighting them as Maggie reached for Micha’s pants. He was already thick and pulsing with need. She cooed as he sprang forth, then grasped him, stroking his penis firmly and making him groan. “Mmm, you’re much longer than those pants gave you credit for.”

Ripping open the condom, he sheathed himself. “I don’t know how long I’ll last,” he admitted.

“You’ll last until I’m satisfied,” she growled as the tips of her fingers tickled his balls. She spun around, pressing the material of her skirt against him as she gripped the reading stand for purchase. He fought not to grind against her ass as the skirt rose, exposing more of her leg. “I'm a hard and fast girl, so that better be how I get it.”

Maggie wiggled her hips, almost taunting him as he raced to raise the fabric of her skirt. Micha grinned when he found her deliciously devoid of undergarments. Her tan skin glowed in the tinted sunlight and the air felt charged as he reached between her legs. She was dripping. He could baptize himself in her juices.

She glanced at him over her shoulder. Her wicked smile had returned. “Take me now, Micha, or I’ll masturbate instead and make you watch.”

Micha responded by driving into her from behind and leaning forward to bite her almost bare shoulder. Slipping his hand over the dress, he kneaded her breasts as he began thrusting. He loved the way she pushed back to take him deeper.

“Fuck, yes,” she moaned, and the filthy words echoed like a sweet hymn through the open space of the empty church. Her knuckles were white as she clung to the book rest; her head dipped back in ecstasy. The entire building seemed to quiet itself to watch her exquisite beauty.

As he’d warned her, it didn't last long, but as she’d warned him, she took her satisfaction. The crush of her walls as she clenched around him had Micha grunting like an animal. As he got close, Maggie egged him on with filthy suggestions about how she was in charge and planned to milk his cock for every last drop. Her own running commentary was making her so hot, it was impossible for Micha not to be aroused as well. He couldn’t help it, he exploded inside her.

Maggie whipped a hand off the podium and reached around, grasping at his hips. “I’m not done with you yet. Don’t you dare move,” she demanded, keeping his softening cock inside her as she pulled up the front of her skirt and fingered her clit until she screamed out her own orgasm. Micha groaned as she clenched around him again. He was finally allowed to pull out when she slumped over the pulpit, breathing hard. The sounds of the church settling suddenly became audible again, the wood of the pulpit creaking in what almost sounded like approval. That was when Maggie started laughing.

“What?” Micha asked as he pulled off the condom and stuffed himself back in his pants.

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Bible meant by ‘love thy neighbor.’”

Buy Getting It at:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Harley Easton is a Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers. She's worked at a major theme park, found expert witnesses for legal cases, been a guest lecturer at a well known national museum, and worked with medical students. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she's become an author specializing in erotic, romantic, and speculative fiction. See what Harley is up to at
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

I've been on the road this week, visiting family among other things, so I've had nothing to offer my blog except this small moment of domestic goddessness: I've been collecting windfalls and have made fresh apple juice (that's cider for you Americans, lol) for the first time:

It tastes like nectar - and nothing like cartoned apple juice!

The foam must be full of natural pectin because it sets so solid it can be eaten with a spoon:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Janine encounters ... the Robo-Toilet!

Tech-fans rejoice, for I bring you my review of the ROBO-LOO. Or to be precise, the Uspa Electronic Bidet Seat. No longer just a terrifying Japanese travel-tale, interactive lavvies are now available in the comfort of your own home! And I was privileged to be the first Ladybits Owner to try this particular one out:

It looks like an ordinary toilet crossed with a duck, but it comes complete with a whole new level of Disconcerting. For a start, when you sit down, THE SEAT IS PRE-WARMED.

And when your ass covers the sensor on the seat, A LITTLE FAN POWERS UP TO SUCK YOUR STINKS AWAY.

Then you get to play with the remote control:

It goes BEEP every time, so don't imagine you're being subtle
Robo-Loo comes with two retractable and self-cleaning nozzles. Forgive me dear reader for ruffling your delicate sensibilities, but one of those nozzles squirts water at your asshole, and the other squirts it at your pussy, assuming you have one; if not, I guess ...

You can adjust water temperature, pressure, and position forward or back. THERE ARE OSCILLATING PROGRAMS.

Yes - not only is this device a boon for the hygiene-conscious vegetarian, say, but this toilet is designed for your aqua-based stimulation. Truly, what greater boon can civilisation offer than the gentle yet insistent pulse of a water jet about your throbbing sphincter?


(Demonstration with clingfilm)

I had to look up what a "Sitz bath" was, btw.

I'm not much the wiser, but it seems to be a shallow genital bath for which any medical claim is made.

Finally, once you have climaxed contented yourself with sufficient waterplay, THERE IS A FAN (3 warmth settings) to tenderly air-dry your delicate flaps.

Those of you who know how long I spend on the toilet already, despair anew! I may never leave the bathroom now :-D


The shower vacuum

Monday, 11 September 2017

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Here's a taste of an old fantasy novel of mine
, Burning Bright. The excerpt is from near the beginning - our hero comes-to wounded, tied up and with no memory of who he is.

The drumbeat pounded in his head, the darkness spun in a circle around him - but when he opened his eyes again there was silence. He and the two women were alone in the room.

The witch came over and knelt by his pallet, her breasts till heaving from the exertion of her dance and little streaks of moisture tracked through the ash. Her nipples were hard under their grey dusting. She patted her thigh, signalling to the girl who laid aside her drum and joined her.

‘My spirits tell me,’ said the witch, ‘that the fever spirit is a red centipede. It must be sucked out of him. With his seed.’ She looked slyly at her companion. ‘They said that you should do it.’

The girl made an 'o' with her mouth and shook her head, her eyes suddenly unable to fix upon the supine body before her.

‘Tch,’ clicked the witch with her tongue; ‘you're too old to be afraid of men, Mehetchi. If you weren't my apprentice you'd have been married by now.’

‘I'm not afraid - I just don't want to,’ the girl said, wriggling. ‘He's a foreigner.’

‘A man is a man. There's no difference to speak of. Anyway; his hands are tied: what are you worried about?’

He then realised that the pressure he'd felt across his back was a length of cord attached to either wrist. A cold stab of fear ran up his belly.

The girl hissed between her teeth. ‘I don't … I’m not ready for this,’ she muttered.

‘Don't give me that, girl. You’re training to be a spirit-talker, so don't tell me you're squeamish. You do what the spirits instruct.’

The girl stuck out her lower lip but didn't reply. Her colour was high. He wasn’t capable of imagining what she was feeling, but he knew he didn't want this at all. He was too weak to protest, but his muscles clenched in painful cramp. This wasn’t how he wanted it; not tied down and helpless, picked over by two witches like a couple of vultures on a corpse. He tried to protest, but came out as a groan.

The witch poked his right nipple sharply. ‘Don't be impatient, you,’ she admonished. ‘Now Mehetchi, pull that down. Take a look. It won't bite; this serpent has no teeth.’

He felt a cooler flutter of air as the girl reluctantly turned down the sheet over his thighs. Thin trickles of sweat crawled over his hips and down to the small of his back.

‘It's not so bad, is it, girl?’

The younger witch made a face. ‘It's ugly. Not sweet and smooth like a woman's.’

This drew a bark of laughter from her elder. ‘It's sweet enough, girl! And soft and smooth most of the time, the tenderest part of a man until he starts to imagine somewhere even more tender to put it. Now this one though, he's already thinking on your plump lips, Mehetchi.’ She flicked his cock with one long nail; he couldn't see his own reaction but he could certainly feel it. ‘Hee! Look at it jump! The fish are biting tonight!’ Mehetchi's eyes widened. ‘These are things you have to learn, to be a spirit-talker,’ the other told her. ‘Now go on; put your hand on it.’

Mehetchi obeyed slowly, her cool fingers circling his cock. He squeezed his eyes shut but it made no matter.

‘How is it?’

‘Hot. Every bit of him is fevered.’

‘Not so soft now?’

Her hand hefted his flesh uncertainly. ‘It's getting heavier. It moves in my hand like an animal,’ she observed.

‘Ah; you must pet it like an animal then. Stroke it gently. Yes; like that.’

Her apprentice was wary. ‘What will it do?’

‘It’ll get harder still.’

‘I don't like it hard. It was nicer before. Look: it's too big and ugly already.’

‘But it must get as hard as it can before it’ll spill its seed. Harder than a length of mahogany. See how much bigger it is now? He may be weak with fever, but his flesh is still charged with life.’ She raised a finger. ‘Listen, child; you must understand that a man feels desire just as a woman does, but there’s more than one spirit in his flesh. The prick of a man has a spirit of its own that moves it without his intention. It brings flesh into being from the spirit-world. It makes him rise even when he has no thought of lust in his heart. When he sleeps, the prick-spirit stirs. When he wants to piss, it won't let him. It can be very strong, very cunning. More cunning than the man's own spirit. Look at that serpent - has it any eyes?’

‘No. Only a mouth.’

‘There, you see; a prick-spirit is blind. To it all women are the same. Old and young, pretty and ugly. A prick is as happy with the arse of a goat as with that of a girl. Heh! - a man will fuck mud when his prick is in charge. He’ll do anything to obey it. That's why they are dangerous.’

Mehetchi made a face and squeezed him savagely until his spine arched.

‘This spirit is treacherous, child. It can trick a man into believing he desires a woman, when really he finds her repulsive. Only when the prick-spirit has had its way will he realise that he never wanted her. And then, when he approaches the girl he lusts after the most, the prick-spirit may abandon him, and for all his desire he then will be unable to stiffen for her. When you’re a full spirit-talker, you’ll find that many men, or their wives, will come to you to complain that their prick-spirit has fled. It’ll be your job to search out the spirit wherever it has hidden and bring it back to his body.’

‘Where do they go?’

‘Into the Underworld. I’ll show you the place later. I’ll teach you a song to call them, and another to send them back, should you ever need to.’

‘And what about those below?’

‘Go on; touch them. They're nothing to fear. They’re soft like ripe fruits.’

Mehetchi knelt forward. ‘They're wrinkled like they've hung on the stem too long then! Ugh!’ She giggled, her eyes flashing.

He felt the humiliation writhe in his belly.

‘Those are the source of all his seed. The spirits of all his descendants wait there, anxious to see the light of life. Often they’re too eager and they pour out when there is no womb to receive them. That is your task now. You must draw his seed out and hold it in your mouth; the fever will come with it.’

The girl licked her lips nervously, and even that sight sent a spasm through his helpless flesh.

‘The serpent's mouth is wet! Is that his seed?’

‘Hah!’ the older woman snorted. ‘No – he’s just impatient, child. His prick drools like a toothless old man before his dinner. Suck it.’

No, he said, but his voice went unheard.

There was a moment's pause, a flutter of breath and then Mehetchi 's mouth - cool and soft and liquid - wrapped itself around the burning head of his cock. He groaned, and the embrace became a sucking before it was then was cruelly withdrawn.

‘It tastes salty,’ she murmured. ‘Not so bad. Not as bitter as the vision-beer.’

‘Keep sucking. Lick him,’ her mentor instructed. ‘He likes that. See; his muscles are like stone.’

She obeyed. He felt the fever rip through his bones, a grinding ache that became a fire as it mounted to his skull.

‘When his snake spits into your mouth you must catch it. Whatever you do, don't swallow, or you'll take the fever into your own body. I have a pot here. You must spit the centipede into that.’

The girl mumbled agreement, her lips wrapped around his erection. He could have screamed for frustration at the teasing, infuriating gentleness of her touch, without rhythm or expertise. Her tongue lapped and slithered but to no purpose; she didn't command his cock, only played with it. He wanted to catch her head and thrust deep into her throat but he didn't have the strength or the reach and could only strain uselessly against his weakened frame, his teeth bared.

‘It's not working,’ Mehetchi moaned, after long waves of glorious torment had rolled over his shaking body for what seemed like forever. ‘I can't do it.’

He managed to pull one deep gasp into his lungs and then let the breath out in a moan of frustration. ‘You are at the wrong angle,’ said the witch shrewdly. ‘Turn around. Straddle his chest.’ She guided the girl until she was kneeling astride him, her feet tucked under his shoulders, the tight red cloth of her skirt filling his view. He got one glance down between their bodies as her mouth closed about his monolithic cock again, but then that vision was eclipsed by the scarlet curves of thighs and buttocks. The witch was right; this was a better angle for him, he would have been able to push further into her throat if only his thighs had been able to obey him, or his spine had been more than a limp rope of hot pain, or the pressure in his skull wasn’t threatening to split the bone. This is going to kill me, he thought.

Then an ash-pale hand descended from the shadows onto Mehetchi's scarlet up-thrust rump. The girl quivered. The hand gripped and stroked and ran smoothly up the tight fabric of the skirt in a confident, soothing, commanding caress that seemed to release the girl from uncertainty. Then it slid down and caught the edge of the material, pulling the skirt up to reveal to him the golden-brown skin of splayed thighs. He could not look away. Higher and higher the skirt was rucked, until it slipped up over the curves of the girl’s beautiful bottom and left them entirely naked, framing the dusky pear-shaped glory of her sex.

Mehetchi gasped; he felt the cold inhalation up the length of his cock.

The young witch was possessed of a powerful charm that had nothing to do with spirits. Her plump mons was fluffed with the darkest, downiest hair and her rosy inner lips peeped from behind this curtain, hinting at a deeper cleft hidden within. Her anus was like a velvet flower. He felt the fevered blood boil in his veins at the sight. And he could feel something else rising within him too: not just the bubble of orgasm but something harder, more compact, like a pebble forcing its way up his throat.

Then the older woman's filthy hands slid down from above, parting the buttocks, stroking the soft fur. Mehetchi moaned in shame and jerked as if about to tear herself away. The hands restrained her, gentle but strong, patting the soft mound, soothing that quivering sex.

It was a name, that pebble. A name.

‘Mata!’ the girl whimpered, her voice all but unintelligible around the thickening shaft of his cock. But the older witch was merciless. Her ash-stained fingers parted those innermost lips, laying bare the mysteries of her maiden sex to his eyes. He could see the pink pearl of her clitoris and the tender, vulnerable mouth of her hole. He could see the moisture, slippery as oil, clear as water, welling up to slick the swelling tissues. He could smell the sharp perfume of her arousal and see the wetness gleaming on the witch's fingers, no longer dusty-pale. Those fingertips closed now on the exposed bud of her clit and stirred her beyond endurance.

The name was his own. It rode the swelling tide of his fervour, a black and jagged rock borne on the flood, and he leapt to catch it.

Mehetchi squealed with pleasure and shame - and at the cry and the sight Veraine erupted at last.

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Friday, 8 September 2017

How to shock the Devil

On which she showed:—what you will guess, no doubt,
And put the demon presently to rout,
Who crossed himself and trembled with affright:
He'd never seen nor heard of such a sight

Sorry, too shattered to blog. But please enjoy this charming woodcut by Charles Eisen...

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Not waving but drowning

Ancient Terror by Leon Bakst (1908)

I've been writing a short story this week!

Don't get too excited for me - I'm really struggling to find the right balance between story and erotic action without stretching it to, like, 10K. But AT LEAST I'M WRITING - and at the moment anything counts, damnit.

The God Below is set in the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis. Given how well-known that theme is these days, and how much Edwardian/Victorian artists liked their classical scenes full of dramatic action, there are surprisingly few paintings on the subject to be found - and those not by mainstream antiquarian artists.

Nicholas Roerich: The Last of Atlantis (1928)

Never mind. Who needs pictorial inspiration for the violent end of civilisation, when it's all around us anyway?

Monday, 4 September 2017

Blue Monday: Tony Fyler guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

This is the third week of dalliance in Sinful Pleasures (the anthology, lol) and today I've got an excerpt from Tony Fyler's short story Lazy Sunday.

There are times when you should allow an “Elaine having a crisis’ call” to disrupt your plans…

And there are times when you shouldn’t.

I stare at Carrie’s pussy, the distance between us maddening, and as Elaine begins to pour her latest woes in Carrie’s ear, I wink, reach down and slide a fist around my cock, remembering times when the distance disappeared:

The first time we fucked, in her single student bed, when I was trying to be Mr Sensitive, and all she wanted was the heat, the friction, the definite push and presence of my cock inside her, the oblivion of fucking like scratching an infinite itch. I’d been…honoured. Even as I felt it, I knew it sounded odd, but that’s what it was – an honour, that of all the guys who wanted her, she had chosen me, found enough in me to be the man she took to bed.

The second time, half an hour later, all about her, the grind of her hips, and rubbing her clit as she rode me, and came with me inside her – the first time I’d ever felt that with a woman. The third, fourth, fifth times – each different, each learning, each making me want her more, making me want to never be without her.

The time I discovered her poetry weakness, outside, in the park, with my back against a tree. Reading French poetry, being desperately pretentious. She was doing the sun dress thing that Summer, and she looked like something from a watercolour in the yellow dress with strawberries on, and a broad straw hat. As I read, she closed her eyes, her breathing getting heavier.

“Seul, inconnu, le dos courbΓ©, les mains croisΓ©es,
Triste, et le jour pour moi sera comme la nuit,” I read.

She reached over, letting her hand lie, as if testing a theory, in my lap.

I looked down, surprised but thrilled, and flared a welcome to her. She took off the sun hat, then unzipped me, pulling out my cock and covering her hand with the hat. “Keep reading,” she said, the Summer thick in her voice.

I did, the words, the intonations rising and falling along with her fist on me. I’d just started “La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel” when she squeezed the base of my cock, I thought to make me stop.

Le miel,” she repeated, seeming content and yet frowning.

“Life is the flower, and love is the honey,” I translated. She nodded, as if to say she wasn’t an imbecile.

Oui,” she said, releasing me from her grip and letting the hat cover my modesty. “It’s no good,” she decided, her voice quavering. “Was gonna wait till I got you home, but that can’t happen now.” She reached quickly up both sides of the sun dress and drew her panties down, letting the dress fall quickly back into place and handing me the sodden scrap of fabric. That was it, that was the word, it was absolutely sodden, like you read about in stories and don’t believe until you experience it for yourself and realise you underestimate a woman at your peril.

“One day, my darling,” she said, her voice raw and thick as she pulled the hat away, exposing me to the breeze and any wandering eyes, “I’m going to sink down your body while you read me this stuff, and I am going to suck your cock and blow your tiny mind to the sound of the French poets.”

I looked around nervously as the light summer breeze played over the flesh of my cock. I needn’t have worried. She put the hat back on her head and straddled me, the sun dress disguising nothing of what we were doing, should anyone walk by.

“But for now,” she said, taking my shaft in her hand underneath the long skirt, “don’t you stop. Don’t you fucking stop, my darling man.” And with that, she sat back on me, and it was like nothing I’d ever known, barely a form around me at all, more like some living, pulsing, demanding part of her was taking what it needed, like it needed to be earthed, through my body, through the tree, through the grass and ground itself, like the poetry was taking her up and she needed the vicious thrust all the way back down on me, her nails digging into my shoulders. The heat of her pussy, the slick hot barely-friction of her movement was like an engine on my cock, like it was turning her into something else, some expression of everything urgent in the world, like Summer and life, like sap and beework, like—

“Andy!” she yelped, her pace not slackening. “I’m gonna…Oh God, Andy, come with me! Come in me! Come home!”

I read a few more lines, my eyes blurring with the sweat of Summer and her heat. I saw the scarlet flush along her neck and in her cheeks, and she flung one hand from my shoulder and dug it into her groin through the fabric of the dress.


And then there was no sound; no birds in the trees. Just the bellowing of heartbeats as her muscles clamped, as my flesh could stand it no more and surged in shuddering pulses inside her. Eventually, I knew she’d put both her arms around me again, holding me, cradling. I was deaf, dumb, numb, not really me, and the first sound I could make out when I came back from the soundless somehow pure white world was her soft, soft sobbing into my neck. The first sensation not sexual, but her fingers, stroking my cheek, her kisses on my face.

“I love you,” she cooed, over and over, as though reassuring me that she was still herself. We’d said it already by then, but this…this was different. Special. Real.

Je vous adore,” I said, pulling her lips to mine for a soft, grounding, reconnecting kiss. “Je vous adore…

 Buy Sinful Pleasures at:
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Tony Fyler is a Welsh journalist, professional editor and aspiring writer. He writes across several genres, including comic fantasy and YA sci-fi, despite being properly trained as a historian and journalist. Lazy Sunday, in the Sinful Pleasures anthology from Sinful Press is his first venture into erotica.

Website (writing)
Twitter: @FylerWrites
Website (editing):

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Library card

This is my library catalogue card for The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 Vol.2. 
Because Dewey-Decimal is the only real way to make sense of life πŸ˜‰πŸ’–πŸ˜Š

Amazon US 
Amazon UK

Friday, 1 September 2017

Well, it's a Friday...

In The Moonlight by Albert von Keller (1844–1920)
Albert von Keller was a society artist who mostly did pretty dull dinner-party portraits, but seems to have a thing for, um, BDSM paintings of tortured young women.

The Martyr
All very improving of course ... if it wasn't good Christian virgins it was witches getting their comeuppance:

Witches' Sleep - 1888
There now. I hope you're feeling improved and chastened!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

"Damn, Janine, you rock!"

Fellow myth-smutter Samantha MacLeod is a past master at bringing a warm glow to my, ahem, heart ... And here she is with a fabulous review of The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 (vol.2)!

"I was, of course, immediately drawn to Janine Ashbless's Sweet Hel Below, which manages to tell a wildly creative and surprisingly touching love story between Norse gods, as well as transform an entire realm, in just a few pages. My own love story between Odin’s son Baldr and Loki’s daughter Hel, Death and Beauty, took 150 pages… so damn, Janine, you rock!"

You can read her whole  review HERE.

And you can buy the book at Amazon US :: Amazon UK because it it totally brilliant 😍

Monday, 28 August 2017

Blue Monday: Jo Henny Wolf guests

Every Monday I post a wicked excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Jo Henny Wolf, whose short story The Black Orchid appears in the Sinful Pleasures anthology, alongside my own contribution.

“But…” Donn’s thoughts were hazy, but he knew that he couldn’t wait six months. “I need the black orchid now.” No, dumbass, you need to find a killer. Somehow, in his mind, both things had become one, circling endlessly around each other.

Poppy didn’t give him room to think. Instead, she dropped her hand to the buckle of his belt, tapping her nails against it. Donn had no time to process this, for she slid her other hand from his arm up to his neck, dragging her nails over his scalp as she raked through his hair. Her lips moved against his ear. Donn was helpless to stop his hips from bucking. “Maybe we should play a game. If you win, you get a black orchid.”

“And if I lose?” Fuck, he was hoarse. He couldn’t concentrate with her fingers sliding through his hair and slipping around his throat.

“Oh, I’ll think of something, don’t worry about that.”

Donn’s answer came too quick and without thinking. “Okay, let’s play.”

“Perfect.” Poppy reached for something out of a tin on her potting table and showed it to him. It was a piece of soft paper string used to bind up flower stems. Not all that impressive, he thought. Then his brain was flushed out the drain as she clasped his wrists and brought his hands behind his back. “I’m going to tie your thumbs together, and you won’t break that tie if you don’t want to lose the game, okay?” Her fingers were hot as she encircled his thumbs in her grip, and Donn’s throat went dry. He would be at her mercy, completely helpless without his hands. This meant offering himself for the taking, and he wasn’t entirely sure that the nature of her taking was benign.

“Okay,” he rasped. A paper string wasn’t that hard to break. At least he hoped so, but when Poppy had tied his thumbs together, he tested the hold of this binding nevertheless. It was loose enough so he could slip out, but that also meant he had to take extra care not to lose it accidentally. Poppy turned him around.

“Did you know that mantises are cannibals?” she asked, looking him up and down as if she contemplated eating him. He nodded, feebly. Poppy continued, “The females eat the males when they don’t get away fast enough after mating. But they’re still ready to risk their lives for a fuck. Interesting, don’t you think?” She traced the bulge of his straining cock with the tip of her finger, and Donn opened his mouth. No sound came out. She tilted her head, an amused smile crooking her lips. Her eyes were as green as the filtered light inside her glass house.

“Your mouth is pretty useless, isn’t it? We should give it something to do.”

He clapped his mouth shut. Poppy’s grin became devious. She stepped so close he could feel her heat burn through his clothes, so close that he could see her skin shimmer. He thought she wanted to kiss him, but she bent sideways and picked something else up from the table.

“Open up…” She twirled a black orchid blossom between her fingertips. Donn hesitated. “Don’t worry, they’re not poisonous,” she said, tipping the flower to her own lips.

“Do you want me to eat it?”

“Of course not. I want you to open up and hold it in your mouth while I do… other things. And don’t you drop it, or it’s game over.”

Donn flexed his hands behind his back. His pants were growing tighter. He would be so vulnerable like that, but his blood simmered, pulsing in his groin, whispering to him to give in and let go.

Surrendering, he opened his mouth and allowed Poppy to gently push the blossom between his lips. It tickled his palate, his tongue, filling his whole mouth with its petals. Donn forced himself not to bite down against the fuzzy sensation. The blossom would offer no resistance if he did. It was solely his responsibility not to break it, his responsibility to keep his mouth open no matter what Poppy did to him. Saliva gathered behind his teeth, and he curled his lip inwards to keep from drooling. The scent of the flower filled every hollow of his skull as he inhaled, and on his tongue, the petals were as velvety soft as a woman’s sex.

All of a sudden, the odd familiarity of the scent made sense, and it hit him like a hammer. It smelled of sex. Of cunt. Its taste filled him to the brim and overwhelmed his senses, rushing through his veins and straight down to his prick. Moaning, he thrust his head back, grabbing the edge of the potting table to keep on his feet as his knees threatened to buckle. He made the most ridiculous sound when Poppy Baines cupped his cock through his pants and squeezed.

“Think of that flower,” she warned him. Had it not been for that, he would have swallowed the blasted orchid the very next moment, when Poppy undid first his belt, then his pants, and worked his cock free of its prison. “Nice.”

She stepped back, examining him like the specimen of a rare plant. Something in her eyes had him on edge, and Donn prepared to be taunted for being so easy. His cock didn’t care about his humiliation though, jutting out recklessly. Wobbly, he spread his feet apart to keep his pants from slipping down and pooling around his ankles.

Poppy shrugged out of her cardigan and dropped it to the floor between them, and Donn stopped breathing when she sank to her knees. Fucking hell. He looked down at her, dripping drool from his mouth and almost losing the flower. She was rigging the game, and not playing by the rules at all… not that they had specified any rules beyond don’t drop the flower. It had seemed simple enough a moment ago, yet when Poppy parted her lips and breathed onto his cock, then dragged her tongue across the tip, wetting it, it turned into an impossible challenge.

The only thing harder than holding still was his cock. Tension coiled between his pelvic bones, drawing every bit of his conscious mind down into the roiling vortex of need smouldering there. He wanted Poppy’s soft, red lips around his shaft, and he longed to push deep into her throat, like she was an orchid and her mouth the vessel to receive his seed.

Buy Sinful Pleasures at:
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Support your small publisher and buy the paperback direct

Jo Henny Wolf lives with her husband and two daughters in the idyllic Rhine Valley in one of the warmest places of Germany. She spent her childhood roaming the woods of the Black Forest, steeped deeply in myth and folklore and ingrained superstition, where her love for fairytales was nurtured and cemented.

She holds a B.A. in German Language and Literature as well as Scandinavian Language and Literature. Tracing intertextual influences is like a treasure hunt and a fascinating puzzle to her, but it's not as fulfilling as writing her own stories, accompanying her heroines and heroes through adventures full of magic, love and melancholy, and lots of steamy sex. She writes Romance novels as J. H. Wolf.

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Sunday, 27 August 2017


I was completely blown away by Muse's performance at the Leeds Festival!

Shit - does that mean I'm into Prog Rock now?!

Friday, 25 August 2017

I've been mugged!

Look what my wonderful ex-editor Mary Harris sent me! I love her! 😍😍😍

Goodness knows how she got it through Customs, but yes, I am now inspired to drag myself out of my rut and write a short story next week πŸ˜€

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

COVER REVEAL: The Prison of the Angels

Aargh, I'm so nervous! I hope you like it!

Here it is - the cover for The Prison of the Angels - which is officially due to be published by Sinful Press on
1st December 2017!

Here's the wraparound:

And the blurb:

I thought I was a good girl. I thought that no matter what others did for my sake, I could stay innocent. I thought that as long as I acted out of love, I’d be blameless.

I was wrong, wasn’t I?

Milja Petak’s world has fallen apart.

Her lover, the fallen angel Azazel, has cast her aside in rage and disgust. The other contender for her heart, the Catholic priest Egan Kansky, was surrendered back into the hands of the shadowy Vatican organization, Vidimus, after sustaining life-threatening injuries. 

She has killed and she has betrayed. She is alone, homeless, and at the end of her tether - torn apart by guilt and the love she has lost. But neither Heaven nor its terrifying representatives on Earth have finished with Milja. Both of her lovers need her in order to further their very different plans, and both passionately need her, though they may try to deny it. 

Milja is once again forced into a series of choices as she uncovers the secrets Heaven has been guarding for centuries. But this time it is not just her heart at stake, or even the fate of a fallen angel.

This time, the choices she make will change everything.

This time it’s the End of the World.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

The Sinful Pleasures anthology was launched yesterday, so here's a bit from my story, The Pier by Night, a tale very much about the terrible weight of temptation. Old friends Maz and James are hanging out together in Brighton as their respective spouses attend a conference...

“What do you want to do now?” James asked, as they came level with another set of concrete stairs leading back up to the promenade. The question was lightly posed, but it seemed to carry an unconscionable weight. Maz looked sideways at him, rearranging the tickling strands of her hair back from her face one more time. Her body knew exactly what it wanted to do. Her body seemed to belong to some other person – someone with no memory, no ties, no guilt. Somebody who had lived all her life here, in the sun, on the beach, far away from any home or husband.

How easy it would be to do something irrevocable. Something that would tear down their carefully ordered world.

“Do you think they’ve got an aquarium?” she heard herself ask. “I like them.”

“It’s a seaside town. Of course they’ve got an aquarium.”

They did.

Indoors, it was surprisingly quiet and empty. The sun must be keeping everyone else outside. After the blaring pop music of the pier and the excited children on the beach, the dimly-lit faux-rock tunnels, with their windows onto pellucid underwater landscapes, seemed like another planet.

Maz and James took their time. She hadn’t been kidding about how much she enjoyed displays like these. The glowing pools drew her, and the fact that James was beside her only heightened the sense of dreamlike intensity. He would touch her occasionally – a hand on the small of her back, a finger brushing her wrist, the gentlest of clasps upon her upper arm as he pointed out a delicate seahorse among the reed grass. There was a quiet intimacy to it that made her shiver and blush and lose focus.

She could feel her whole body thrumming, as if she were lambent with arousal.

She enjoyed every moment, from the starfish in the touch-and-feel pools to the huge Japanese spider crabs from the bottom of the Pacific, their span of spindly legs metres across, that lurked in ultraviolet darkness. But her favourite was the jellyfish display. This room was dimly lit with glows of red and blue, the tanks bare except for their denizens pulsing delicately as they rose and fell, like phosphorescent thistledown, in the gin-clear water. No other tourists were around. She came to halt in front of one tank, fascinated by their utterly alien beauty, their slow dance emptying her mind like a meditation.

She felt James come up and stand behind her. He put his right hand on her waist, then the left found its place over her other hip. He stood quietly, so close that she could feel his body warmth on her back. They were in perfect symmetry.

Her mind was empty, and her body felt like it was shining in the dark.

Without a word, she covered his right hand with her own, and slid it up to cup her breast.

She heard him sigh under his breath. Then he moved against her, his chest to her back, his face stooped to her hair. And both hands on her breasts, squeezing softly, hefting their slight weight, thumbing her nipples. That friction through her clothes sent burrs of pleasure dancing across her skin, all the way to her core. Ridiculously, she wished she had more tit for him to caress – but it was a fleeting fancy, nothing more than a shadow of her sense of inadequacy. The hands that were supposed to touch Shauna were upon her, now; his body was warm against hers, his breath was shallow and pent against the whorls of her ear. She could feel herself melting under the heat of his regard, the warmth running right through her to escape in a trickle between her thighs. Her whole body softened into one thrilling ache – all except her nipples, which somehow, perversely, were pebbling as he teased them, until he was able to take each point between thumb and finger and roll them with exquisite boldness.

“Hhhhh,” she gasped.

The jellyfish hovered before her blurred vision, like angels falling through an alien heaven.

When he moved one hand around and trailed his fingers down the cleft of her cleavage, her legs nearly gave way beneath her. She relaxed back into his embrace, surrendering. Then he turned her in his arms and pulled her close.

She lost sight of the jellyfish. His shadow engulfed her and his lips moved over hers. Soft and warm, he kissed her. It was almost chaste, at first. Then he broke the seal of her lips with his tongue and their kiss, though gentle and slow still, became something not in the least platonic. Through his clothes, she felt the press of his hardening cock.

Buy Sinful Pleasures at:

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sinful Pleasures - out now!

It's out! It's proud! It's TOO DAMN HOT for Amazon!

Because side-buttock may drive you into an erotic frenzy
Yes, that's the  "safe for Amazon" cover, which has been carefully hidden behind its porno search-filter just to make it even harder for you dirty dirty readers to find it. 😏

But this collection of eleven short stories (including mine, The Pier by Night) is well worth getting your shaking and hairy-palmed hands on, for torrid tales by Ella Scandal, Sonni de Soto, Jo Henny Wolf, Lily Harlem, Lady Divine, Gail Williams, Samantha MacLeod, Tony Fyler, Ellie Barker and Lisa McCarthy.

Here's Ian D Smith's lovely advance review:
"With this anthology, Sinful Press have drawn together eleven quite varied stories of different lengths, all engaging, erotic and imaginative. The stories include some which are plausibly real-life, one which hints at being a horror story, and another which is almost paranormal.

I always find it difficult reviewing anthologies, because it seems unfair for me to pick out my favourite story. I know fully well that it’s my personal choice, and others would say another is their favourite. And I think they’re all good. But “The Pier By Night” by Janine Ashbless was the one which struck me most, at several levels.

A five-star read as far as I’m concerned."


Google Play
Barnes and Noble:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Smut Leeds

I'm all tied up with one thing and another at the moment...

But I managed a lovely day out at Smut in the City: Leeds last weekend!

I went there with Jennifer Denys - here she is being tied up by Zak Jane Kier:

It's research!
Zak did a fab "Diceman" workshop on using random factors which gave me a WHOLE new idea for a short story 😈😈😈 - now I just wish she'd write a book of random lists!

And Jennifer gave us a really interesting workshop on "What Shape of Writer Are You?" (More details here) I turned out to be a rectangle, to my surprise.

Rectangle: the flexible writer

  • Open-minded
  • Inquisitive
  • Courageous 
  • Growing

Sounds great, eh? Sadly us rectangles are easily distracted by real life and prone to being disheartened. I need to be more obsessive and sure of myself ;-)

To round off the day I ended up in Stephanie Robb's hogties.

A huge thanks is due of course to Victoria and Kev Blisse for working so hard to organise and host Smut: Leeds - there are lots more pics over on their Smut Website πŸ’–

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Out now: Dirty 30 Vol. 2

I'm over the moon! The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 Vol. 2  is available on Kindle NOW!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

The Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway returns with another Library of Erotica, just for you. From Torrid Literature to BDSM, Fairy Tales to Orgies, Clandestine Military Adventures to Bi-Curious Rendezvous, this adventurous, and fantasy-filled collection is here to turn you on. So grab your partner and peruse the card catalog and see which sexy story catches your interest first. This is your very own, hand-held library! Explore this volume of Erotica to your libido's content.

There will be both print and audio versions out in due course, but in the meantime here's the opening of my own Viking story, Sweet Hel Below:

My brother killed me.

He didn’t mean to, of course. He only wanted to join in with all the other laughing, beer-giddy gods as they took it in turns to attack me and watch their weapons bounce off without even making contact. So when Loki sidled up to him, pressed the mistletoe dart into his hand and said “Here, I’ll guide your throw,” blind and trusting Hodur let him. The magical dart, sharp as iron, pierced my left eye and buried itself to the tip in my brain.

That is a story everyone knows. I’m telling a different one here.

They burnt me on a ship-pyre. The black smoke rose up and I blew away as soot. Then rain caught me and washed me down into the leaves of the World Tree, down the silvery bark to its roots, past mortal lands and the realms of fire and ice to the very lowest of the Nine Worlds. To Helheim.

Where else is there for a dead god to go?

I found myself facing a ravine full of raging water and churning sword blades. How wide that gulf stretched it was hard to tell; to my dismay the sight in my left eye had not returned to me. I walked the bank, stumbling sometimes, until I found a bridge with a roof of golden thatch. Guarding it was a blonde and lovely giantess almost twice my height, armed with shield and spear.

“What’s your name, traveler?” She grinned at me, looking me up and down in a way I’m quite familiar with.

“Baldur, Odin’s Son.”

“Baldur the Golden?” Her face fell a little. “I heard the news from Asgard. You may pass.”
I tried a smile. “I don’t have to fight you?”

“I am here to stop people getting out of Helheim,” she answered gently. “Follow the road north and downhill to find the Lady’s hall. But first, kiss me. Dead or not, I would have it said that Modgud was once kissed by Baldur the Beautiful.”

She knelt so that I could kiss her, though I fear my lips felt cold because her own felt so warm to me. I stroked her breasts until she began to sigh, feeling her big nipples rise to the kiss of my cool fingers and the heat thrum beneath her skin. Her heart beat harder. But then, with a sad laugh, she pushed me away.

“No more, alas, Odinsson. The Dead and the Living may not lie together.”

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Monday, 14 August 2017

Blue Monday: Oleander Plume guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Oleander Plume with an excerpt from her new book, Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe.

She says:
When Janine told me she needed an excerpt that was “The ruder the better!”, I rubbed my filthy hands together and laughed like a villain in a super hero movie. Here’s the thing, my book is not short on sex, in fact, it’s filled to the brim with it. Which made picking a scene kind of difficult. In the end, I chose this, which is a favorite of my editor, Jacob Louder. In this scene, Snake (space pirate/vampire) meets a werewolf sentry named Grif and a game of seduction begins…

Horatio Slice is NOT dead.
Gunner Wilkes knows a secret. Heartthrob rock star Horatio Slice is not dead. Sure, Gunner may turn heads with his big brain, good looks, and gym-built body, but his mind is on one thing only: returning his all-time favorite rocker and secret fanboy crush to Earth. 

Yes, there are VAMPIRE PIRATES
Fame and stardom were starting to wear thin for Horatio Slice, but when he was sucked through a magical portal while on stage at Madison Square Garden into a jail cell in a strange dimension called Merona, his confusion quickly cleared upon meeting his sexy, dark-haired cellmate, a vampire pirate named Snake Vinter, who filled Horatio in about life in the universe, jumping from dimension to dimension, and craftily avoiding the wrath of gnarly-mask-wearing leather queen King Meridian—a guy nobody wants to cross.

All the zany magical comedy of Mel Brooks, an adventure not dissimilar to Indiana Jones meets Barbarella, and men, men, horny men, of all shapes and sizes, Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe is wild, fun, pornographic fiction for anyone who loves the masculine, the feminine, and all identities in between. Even more so, it’s for cravers—for aficionados—of big, hard, pounding cock, and anyone who can handle laughs that won't stop coming.

Snake checked on Sugar and Canis, who were dead to the world. After putting on pants, he crept to the kitchen, pausing to throw a blanket over Horatio and Gunner before grabbing two beers and heading outside. The sentry turned out to be an auburn-haired hunk of a werewolf named Grif, who had a bushy tail that reached his ankles and a firm handshake. They drank their beers and shared small talk while leaning against the ship, gradually moving closer together. Grif was a mature wolf with a more powerful musk than Canis. Snake grew weak in the knees.

“Sexy tats, Snake. Sexy body, too.” Grif stared at Snake’s chest and used a finger to trace a tattoo.

“What does this one signify?”

“Sugar, my lover. Funny thing, they all say Sugar. Each tattoo spells out his name in different languages and symbols.”

“Sugar must be one hell of a mate. Tell me about him.”

“Let’s see, how do I describe Sugar?” Snake panted as Grif sucked his left nipple. “He’s a beautiful badass … yeah, suck my tits … keeps his lip gloss in the same holster that he keeps his gun.”

“What color are his eyes?” Grif licked a trail from Snake’s left nipple to his right.

“Green.” Snake groaned as Grif switched from tongue to teeth. “I’m fairly certain they can … stare a hole through steel.”

“And his body?” Grif pinched both of Snake’s tits while nibbling along his collar bone.

“Perfect. All muscle.” Snake put his palms against the ship, fingers spread, in the hopes of grounding himself. Grif’s seduction made him dizzy. “Soft skin that always smells sweet.”

Grif crouched and tugged down the front of Snake’s pants, kissing the spot where pubic hair would grow if he had any. “Tell me about his dick.”

“Big. Thick. Pink and kind of shimmery.”

Grif stood and reached behind Snake, sliding one finger down the back of his pants until it teased the top of Snake’s crack. “Do you let him bend you over and put that shimmery dick up this ass? Does he fuck you good?” he said, right against Snake’s ear.

“Really good,” Snake said, eyes shut tight. “Really fucking good.”

Grif said, “He won’t object if I play with you?”

“No,” Snake said. “If he were awake, he’d want to watch.”

“Bet you already fucked him to sleep,” Grif said, kneading Snake’s ass while keeping his eyes averted. Snake buzzed with excitement. He’d played wolf games before and understood their tactics. Grif would use his scent to ensnare Snake’s senses, all the while avoiding Snake’s vampire gaze. “You smell like sex,” Grif murmured against Snake’s neck. His tongue slithered along Snake’s jawline. “Taste like it, too.”

Snake kept his breath shallow so he wouldn’t inhale as much wolf perfume. The game was heady enough. A battle of will and lust, Snake fought hard to emerge the victor, but Grif proved to be a cunning adversary. The wolf had a sixth sense of what turned Snake on: dirty talk, nipple sucking, and slow teasing. Winning would require cheating, a tactic Snake wasn’t above using on occasion.

Grif cupped Snakes bulge. “Lot of meat in here.”

Snake noticed Grif’s cock twitch. He knew the wolf was using extreme control to keep himself from getting a hard-on. “Maybe you want this meat inside you?”

Grif smirked, still staring down. “You’ll be taking mine,” he said. “Might as well give in, vamp.”

Snake snickered. “Let me see those eyes of yours, wolf.” Grif shook his head. “You’re not playing fair.” Snake put his fingers under Grif’s chin and forced him to look up. A millisecond of eye contact, and Snake had him under control. “You do have pretty eyes, pet, as golden as the sun.”

Grif wore a goofy grin. “You win vampire,” he said. “Bend me over.”

“I’d rather you fucked me,” Snake said, stroking Grif’s hard cock.

Grif said, “But you won fair and square, so you get to be alpha. Those are the rules.”

Snake reached lower and fondled Grif’s balls. “But I cheated, so I’m relinquishing the role of alpha to you, and I expect the full treatment.”

Grif licked his lips. “I’ve never fucked a vamp before.”

“Oddly enough, I’ve fucked a few of your cousins,” Snake said.

“Loup Garous?” Grif’s nostrils flared and his voice grew harsh. “They’re vile.”

“Yeah, but they don’t look so bad bent over.”

Grif chuckled. “I like you, vampire. Want my dick?”

Snake rubbed his face against Grif’s furred chest and took a long inhale, allowing the buzz to sink into his guts.

“That’s it,” Grif said. “Drink me in. Let me take over.” He grabbed Snake by the hair. “Now get on your knees and suck me.”

Snake complied, then opened his throat and let Grif fuck his face. It seemed fitting that he should be taken by this wild creature outside, under a brilliant moon, with the odor of crushed grass wafting up from beneath his knees. Grif put both hands on the back of Snake’s head and ground against his face.

“I’m ready for your ass to swallow me now,” Grif said, pushing Snake face down onto the ground and lowering Snake’s pants just enough for access. He mounted Snake, holding him in place with one strong arm while the other gripped a wad of hair. Snake emitted a guttural cry when Grif’s fat dick speared his eager hole. Grif fucked him with the fervor of a dog in heat, slamming hard, causing Snake’s cock to rub against the soft ground.

Grif said, “You want a wolf bite, vamp?”

“Fuck, yeah. Do it,” Snake moaned.

“Tell me when.”

“Now.” Right before Snake came, Grif bit into the back of his neck, paralyzing him and ratcheting up the pleasure one-thousand percent. Snake heard a keening moan split the night and realized that he was the moaner, howling as he created a puddle on the grass.

Buy Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe at:
Amazon US :: Amazon UK
Go Deeper Press

Oleander Plume writes (mostly gay) erotica while sipping martinis, and, yes, they are dirty martinis.
She lives in Chicago.

Amazon Page

Saturday, 12 August 2017

I'm off smutting!

It's Smut: Leeds today!

I shall be riding the omnibus to that fair city with one of the stars, Jennifer Denys, very shortly 😊